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Bajam Laundry Basket - Esque

Bajam Laundry Basket

R 1,450.00 ZAR

Barcelona Chair

R 8,550.00 ZAR

Barcelona Ottoman

R 4,770.00 ZAR

Lidded Bowl Basket

From R 385.00 ZAR - R 425.00 ZAR

Beverley Chair

R 6,880.00 ZAR

Bubble Hanger

R 17,000.00 ZAR
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Chopping Block

Chopping Block

R 550.00 ZAR

Cylinder Basket

From R 450.00 ZAR - R 995.00 ZAR

Eames Inspired Chair

From R 875.00 ZAR - R 975.00 ZAR

Eames Inspired Cafe Chair with Wooden Legs

From R 1,050.00 ZAR - R 1,100.00 ZAR

Eames Inspired Lounge Chair

From R 16,900.00 ZAR - R 17,500.00 ZAR

Floor Baskets

From R 1,150.00 ZAR - R 1,695.00 ZAR

Ganesh Stool Small

R 2,185.00 ZAR

Handle Basket

From R 675.00 ZAR - R 790.00 ZAR

Hoi Ploy Ceiling Pendant Light

From R 670.00 ZAR - R 999.00 ZAR

Hoi Ploy Light Bulbs

From R 170.00 ZAR - R 350.00 ZAR

Jute Boucle rug

From R 5,180.00 ZAR - R 7,765.00 ZAR
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Kiddies Casper Chair - Esque
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Tolix Metalic Chair - Esque

Tolix Metalic Chair

R 1,250.00 ZAR

Molecule Light Brass

From R 3,500.00 ZAR - R 23,500.00 ZAR

Nguni Rugs

R 3,999.00 ZAR

Essey Waste Bin

R 370.00 ZAR

Patchwork Armchair

R 2,600.00 ZAR

Phillipe Starck Masters Inspired Stool

From R 1,590.00 ZAR - R 1,640.00 ZAR

Phillippe Starck Inspired Ghost Chair

From R 999.00 ZAR - R 1,699.00 ZAR
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Ray Bent Plywood Chair

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