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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables seems to pull a room or lounge together, they are the central point around which, much of your daily routine and life will happen.

Metallurgy Tables Geologic Antique Gold

From R 3,550.00 ZAR - R 3,950.00 ZAR

Xeno Side Table

R 1,299.00 ZAR

Round Nested Side Tables

From R 1,399.00 ZAR - R 3,499.00 ZAR

Kira Coffee Table

From R 3,480.00 ZAR - R 5,295.00 ZAR

Venus Coffee Table

R 10,999.00 ZAR

Tray Coffee Table

R 5,200.00 ZAR

Klip Coffee Table

R 13,470.00 ZAR

Jute Coffee Table

R 4,370.00 ZAR

Coastal Table

R 5,980.00 ZAR

Dot Side Table

R 1,699.00 ZAR

Vega Side Table

R 6,995.00 ZAR

Vega Nesting Set

R 16,500.00 ZAR

Coffee Table

R 2,969.00 ZAR

Network Table

From R 1,850.00 ZAR - R 6,510.00 ZAR

Drum Side Table

From R 1,999.00 ZAR - R 2,199.00 ZAR

Facet Table

From R 2,250.00 ZAR - R 5,100.00 ZAR

Spider Table

From R 1,635.00 ZAR - R 2,845.00 ZAR

Barrel Table

From R 1,600.00 ZAR - R 6,470.00 ZAR

Sean Table

From R 1,430.00 ZAR - R 5,320.00 ZAR

Floating Coffee Table

From R 3,950.00 ZAR - R 5,900.00 ZAR
Regus Coffee Table – Grey with grey glass

Regus Coffee Table – Grey with grey glass

R 5,995.00 ZAR
R 8,200.00 ZAR

Outeniqua Coffee Table

From R 7,860.00 ZAR - R 11,100.00 ZAR


R 3,220.00 ZAR

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