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Our aim with product design is to create hand made objects that are simple, functional, beautiful and unique.  Making and finishing products by hand rewards the makers with an honest sense of process and accomplishment from beginning to end.

This clock is manufactured from high grade Nordic Birch Ply or Side Pressed Bamboo and stainless steel, fitted with a silent, sweeping quartz movement. AA battery is not included.

All our products are shipped in hand made, recyclable packaging.  Included are concise installation/assembly instructions and relevant hardware.


Body: H 445mm W 105mm D 18mm

Stainless Steel Ring: 300mm x 300mm x 6mm

AVAILABLE COLOURS  Sepia and White Print in Nordic Birch Ply or Side Pressed Bamboo

PRODUCT MATERIALS  The timber is first edged and sanded to a fine finish before the clock numerals and motifs are hand screen printed.  Thereafter the piece receives three coats of resilient satin varnish, sealing the print and surface for longevity and easy cleaning.


4-8 Weeks as this product is made to order.  Thereafter, delivery will be via courier services.