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Nguni Rugs

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Please note that these are a representation of what we have in stock, of course not every hide is the same. 

Select the colour you want and we will then send you photos of what is in stock for you to choose your exact hide.

Nguni hides are highly functional and are mostly used as "rugs" in homes and furniture coverings as they are both decorative and warm.

Cattle are a strong feature in zulu culture and considered a measurement of wealth: the more cattle a man owns, the wealthier he is considered. The Nguni Cow breed are the traditional breed of the Zulu nation and have strong associations both in name and in physical attributes to their surroundings on the plains of Kwazulu-Natal and Zululand. These cattle are amongst some of the toughest breeds, being able to survive extremes in climate as well as, at times, very limited and tough grass.


PRODUCT SIZES These skins are roughly 2m x 1.5m however the initial size of the animal varies so this is not exact but rather a good indication.


Avoid hard or excessive rubbing. If it does get wet allow it to air out naturally out of direct sun light as this could cause the hide to go hard.

Stains and spilling: Clean the liquid immediately with a clean cloth or an absorbent sponge. Do not rub. Dry with a towel and leave it to air out.