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Basket Bowls

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These are natural cotton baskets. They are available in three sizes that nestle into each other. Use them in your bathroom, as a jewelry holder, as a fruit or bread basket, or really for anything else you can think of!

Our baskets are made from 100% cotton rope and sewn together in a coiling technique.  These unique hand crafted vessels are soft yet durable and provide a modern twist on the ancient African tradition of basket weaving. Each item is carefully designed and no two are exactly alike. Shape and pattern may slightly vary from item to item.


Small: D 15cm x H 6cm 

Medium: D 20cm x H 8cm 

Large: D 25cm x H 10cm 


As Seen


Please note that all our products are handcrafted and variances may occur. No two products will be exactly the same. When we pack our products, we often fold them.

Due to the products being made from cotton, it is easy to bend the products back to their original shape.

Spot clean with water and soap, or hand-wash gently.


5-10 Working Days as this product is made up to order.  Thereafter, delivery will be via courier services.