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The Hallow Pendant

R 2,499.00 ZAR

The Fringe Pendant

R 2,499.00 ZAR

The Hive Pendant

R 2,999.00 ZAR

The Globe Pendant

R 2,999.00 ZAR
Sold Out
The Onion Pendant

The Onion Pendant

R 3,699.00 ZAR

Table Lamp

R 720.00 ZAR

Halo Lamp

From R 1,800.00 ZAR - R 2,450.00 ZAR

Gut Punch Lamp

From R 2,150.00 ZAR - R 2,900.00 ZAR

Barcode Light

R 2,200.00 ZAR
Sold Out
Paralume 2 metal lampshade
Sold Out
Paralume 1 metal lampshade
Sold Out
The Monkey Lamp Standing White

Banana Lamp Louie

R 4,199.00 ZAR

Banana Lamp Huey

R 4,199.00 ZAR

XXL Industrial Floor Lamp

From R 3,450.00 ZAR - R 3,990.00 ZAR

Industrial Dome Pendants

From R 1,840.00 ZAR - R 1,990.00 ZAR

Rattan Cone Pendant

From R 1,850.00 ZAR - R 2,250.00 ZAR

Spot Table Lamp

R 1,100.00 ZAR

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